Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wordest Puzzle

The wordest Puzzle is a sister game of Word Drift.  It is based on a feedback of friends who has played Word Drift and resulted in a simpler yet more addictive game that can be played anytime.

The player can move the blocks of letter and form words. The longer words activate combo, bonus, cluster bombs, and plasma bombs.

How to play
- Move block of letters to empty space
- Form words that are at least 2 letters long
- Activate combo by submit 4-letter words (or the longer ones)
- Keep combo going by submit words with 3 or more letters (word with 4 letters or more reset combo timer)
- The longer the combo is activated, the more likely bomb and plasma blocks are dropped

Wordest is available at Google Play and at SlideMe Store

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