Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creating Word Drift Trailler #1: Capture Android screen to create a promotional clip

To create the video Trailer for Word Drift, I will need to find the way to capture the screen of the android device. It took me a few days to find the most effective way to do so. These are some ideas I had

Running program on Android Emulator and using the screencasting program.
Well, I didn't actually try it. The emulator is too slow. While the real game runs at about 60fps, the emulator at best is at about 10fps.

Running VNC server on Android, control it from the PC, and use screencasting to capture the action.
This might give better performance than using the emulator.  I didn't try it since I have LG phone which comes with the utility program that lets me control the phone from PC.  It serves the same purpose.

Using LG's On Screen Phone and screen casting.
LG OSP let you connect the phone from your PC and export the screen to your PC.  You can use mouse and keyboard to control it.  The screen update rate is about 30fps.

Using HDMI out to video capture card and record it directly.
This would be the best solution.  Too bad I don't have video capture card in my PC :-(

What I did.
I ended up using LG's OSP to control the phone from my PC.  Instead of capture the phone screen using screencasting program on PC, I use my camera (Sony NEX 3) to capture the actual phone.  Because the lighting is not ideal, the captured video looks a bit washed out but it has enough details to be use able.  I used the capture video in my final Trailer

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